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Mai-App DxTerms

Easy cross reference tool to bridge multiple disease terminologies (includes UMLS concepts). Search using disease names or codes for ICD9-ICD10, Snomed-ICD10, Snomed-ICD9 and Snomed-UMLS.


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The following sophomores and juniors from West Windsor-Plainsboro Regional School District contributed in the development of our products (alphabetical order):

  • Aaron Fernando (2014-2015 - Junior - High School North)
  • Anagh Telluri (2014-2015 - Junior - High School South)
  • Arvind Vasudevan (2013-2014 - Senior - High School North)
  • Ian (2014-2015 - Junior - High School North)
  • Madhusudhan Vasudevan (2014-2015 - Junior - High School North)